The heartbeat of the mill

The Mühle Weingarten is a center for prayer and discipleship. It is not a church, but a service to people of all nations, generations and denominations.

We want to honor God, put Christ in the center and serve the believers. This happens by consciously depending on God. The lifestyle that results out of this has Christ in the centre, binds itself to the Word and is lead by the Spirit.

This life is formed by a consistent focus on Jesus- which role does he play in my everyday life? At the same time, it is a life in the truth that we find in the Bible. The awareness of being lead by the Holy Spirit is also a part of it.






Authority through intimacy

A wonderful gift from God to you is found in the verse “I am the vine; you are the branches”.

“If you remain in me and I in you “, is a picture of intimacy, connection and the relationship to Him. Because we are close to Him, He gives us the nutrient to grow. If you live in nearness and out of the love of God, “you will bear much fruit”. Your life will have the authority and the power that we are missing these days. But that is exactly what shows Jesus’ glory in your heart and in this world.

Christ in you, the hope of glory

In a world that lacks courage, we need hope again – hope for glory! If Jesus lives in you, you can be part of this hope. It isn’t important to achieve something for Jesus, the important thing is to go with Him: seek His nearness, learn from Him, grow and live by His grace. You can be the difference in this world because Jesus made the difference.

Our wish is, that a generation experiences once more, how many wonders God can do, if we start living with Jesus and become part of His prayer and mission movement!

We have different offers for you, that should help you deepen your relationship to God and let Him challenge you.

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