Quiet days

Do you know the feeling, when body and soul just long for a rest? Just longing to get out of your everyday life, out of the constant availability, the hectic and the pressure. Longing to become quiet, to rest, to just be there. Longing to meet God in the silence, to be secure in His presence, to turn off the noise and have an open ear for his voice.

We want to give you the opportunity for this here in the mill. You can live with us for a few days, enjoy the quietness in the prayer room and in the beautiful nature and enjoy community with us if you like.

It is our wish, that these quiet days strengthen your relationship to our Lord and that you can return to your everyday life, having been encouraged and filled with the Holy Spirit.

If you are interested in quiet days in the mill, write us an e-mail: stilletage@diemuehle.org

"In quietness, there is a wonderful power of purification, of cleansing,
of concentrating on the essential."
 Dietrich Bonhoeffer