Prayer house

In a world, where everything possible is worshiped, we want to bring our worship to the only true God. The mill’s prayer house is a place, where people meet to pray. The goal is – as a part of Jesus’ prayer movement 24 hours, 365 days a year – not to let the fire go out. The prayer house encourages this, offers an atmosphere of silence and enables a community in prayer.


Why a prayer house?

If in the heights of the Alps or the depths of the ocean, in the heat of the Sahara or in the cold of the Antarctica, in the hectic of everyday life or in the quietness of a prayer house – God is there. We can step into his presence at all times and in every place. Paul says (in 1. Corinthians 6:19), that the body of the believer is a temple of the Holy Spirit, a prayer house. In these days, your prayer house is exposed to extreme stress and the actual purpose, worshipping God, is lost. Through the prayer house in the mill, we want to show how lively and passionately yours can be.



What does that mean for you?

Prayer room:

The prayer room is open 24 hours, 365 days a year – for you! This is your chance to find quietness, to read the Bible, worship – to meet the LORD. We are happy, if you use the prayer room alone or with your youth or prayer group.

Wednesday evenings:

We meet every Wednesday evening to worship and praise the LORD together. You are always welcome! Read more…


Quiet days:

The mill offers you days of silence to settle down and to get new orientation for your everyday life. Read more…


Prayer and worship days:

The prayer and worship days are something very special. They are days, where the mill is filled with rejoicing, thanks and joy. Read more…

 Prayer garden:

Our prayer garden is still under construction. Soon you will be able to enjoy God’s presence in the beautiful nature on our “island”.