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The echo of this calling still sounds in our present time – that means YOU!

Discipleship is the calling to a relationship with God. Living with Him means to be near the Father, learning from Jesus and experiencing adventures with Him.

That is the utmost heart wish in the discipleship school of the Mühle Weingarten. You get to live, learn an be amazed at how God forms you with other students for half a year.

Living together

You will live together with other students and spend a lot of time together during meals, classes, worship and prayer,  afternoon activities and outreaches.

Being close to the father

More important than anything else is your relationship to the LORD. Through personal hours in prayer, you will discover the intensive passion of the love of God to you.

Learning from Jesus

In classes, we deal with true – to – life topics that will deepen and form your relationship to God intensively. Our foundation in everything is the Bible and the example of Jesus himself.

In action

God is alive. He is in action and He loves taking you on His adventures! You will receive the opportunity to become active in evangelistic programs and youth camps.

Information folder (German)



Oktober 1, 2019 – March 28, 2020


Mühle Weingarten

Mühlstraße 9

76356 Weingarten


Young Christians 17 years of age and older, you must have a personal relationship to Jesus Christ


450€ - 800€ per month (Choose for yourself)



You want to apply for the Life Academy? That’s awesome! Just follow these three steps for your application:

  1. Download the application and reference form
  2. Fill out the application form, let two people fill out the reference form and send everything to the mill
  3. Wait for our response

Application Form (German)

Reference Form (German)

PDF files can be edited online. (Chrome, Adobe Acrobat DC)