The team

Raise the curtain… for the mill team! Here we will introduce the colorful group that lives and works together in the mill. We are very diverse but wonderfully brought together as a team. What combines us is the love to Jesus and the joy in building his kingdom. If you come fore a visit, you will be sure to get to know some of us in person.

Stefan Lepp

Stefan is an excited evangelist, he loves sunshine and good wine. He has sparking ideas regularly that he puts into action with God and his team. He is the one who had the vision to build up a prayer and discipleship center and is the leader of the group.

Preaching request

Corina Merkle

Corina is our calm and smart doctor, she does her work quietly and her contagious smile makes everyone feel comfortable around her. A good book makes her happy, as do intensive times of meeting the LORD.

Jessica Rupprich

Jessi is the good soul in the kitchen and around the house. She actively helps where help is needed, she organizes and structures different processes and is a true champion in shopping clothes. She is an example for us time and time again with her great faith.

Samuel Porsche

Sam is a socialite and is training to become a male nurse. He is our leader in public relations and uses his graphic skills preferably late at night. He loves Red Bull, snowboarding, Jesus and his girlfriend and is rarely seen without his cap.

Theresa Saecker

Tess is our sunshine – when she smiles, you have to smile too! Time and time again, her empathy brings balance into our reckless group. Her creativity is a great bonus for the Mill and her longing for God motivates all of us too.