And everyone who was willing and whose heart moved them
came and brought an offering the LORD for the work… (Exodus 35:21)

We are amazed at how many helpers come with a willing heart and without being asked to help us build God`s work. And that is exactly what makes the difference. God`s house, the place where He loves to be present, can only be built through willing hearts and voluntary gifts.

You can help practically by supporting us on the construction site, through financial support, or through your prayers.

We say thank you!

Work assigments

For 2018 we have planned the extention and renovation of the building. Added to that, there will be a lot of practical work. If you are interested in helping on the construction site, you are welcome to contact us. You will receive room and board. We are looking for…

… professionals

If you are a trained mason, electrician or have learned any other building profession. Please do contact us and we will arrange one or a few suitable dates, when you could come to help, considering at what stage we are with the building progress and what you have to offer.


… voluntary helpers

Even if you don’t have training in a building profession, you can still lay a foundation stone. Especially in the holidays we have a lot of work assignments. You will experience the expansion of your biceps together with other young people. We have a multioptional workfield with a lot of action, fun and teamwork to offer you. You can request information to work assignments via email at


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Financial support

We are a non-profit organization and therefore allowed to issue donation receipts. In order to send you these, please write your name and address in the field of the purpose of the donation!

Donation account:
Mühle Weingarten e.V.
Volksbank Stutensee-Weingarten eG

IBAN: DE13 6606 1724 0031 6732 08