Love is one of the most passionate things in life. God wants to use prayer to spark the fire of His love in your heart. For prayer is much more than just small-talk with God. Above all, it is a deep relationship to Him.



One of the greatest evidences of life is growth. Jesus calls you into discipleship to watch you grow like a plant. That is what gives your life dynamic and fullness.


When prayer and discipleship interact in a person’s life, Christ is known, lived and reflected. Since 2012, God is building a center for prayer and discipleship in an old corn mill. The mill is no church, it is a service to people of all nations, generations and denominations. Practically, this is seen in times of prayer, worship meetings, mission camps and much more.

The Life Academy is a school fot the life and faith of young people 17 years of age and older.

Is prayer your passion? Why not become a prayerhouse missionary here?

Leave your old life behind and take posession of the promised land - the Exodus and Experience camp!


Many offers and dates can be found in the mill’s calendar!